Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TRNclean?

TRNclean is a hospitality driven cleaning company committed to delivering high-quality services to Airbnb hosts, home owners, and high-quality jobs for cleaning professionals. Our Cleaning Specialists receive extensive training in cleaning best practices, Airbnb host and guest needs, and professional conduct within the home.

TRNclean offers workers fair wages, training, and a supportive work environment. We believe that excellent home cleaning begins by creating dignified, professional jobs in our community.

What services does TRNclean provide?

TRNclean provides professional home cleaning services to Airbnb hosts and regular residential cleaning to homeowners. Our teams of highly trained cleaning specialists will do everything it takes to get your place ready for you or your guests. Our hospitality background adds another layer of experience that you just don’t get with any residential cleaning company.

Additionally, our teams are trained to look out for details post-guest, like broken or missing items. They essentially are your eyes and ears when you are away from your home.  

Does the service include all of Chicagoland?

Service is currently offered in certain parts of Chicago only. TRNclean plans to include more areas in the future. Please stay tuned. Hosts will be alerted about new coverage areas through Airbnb.

What are the costs for the services?

  Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4+ Bedrooms
1 Bathroom $80 $100 $130 $185 $235
2 Bathrooms $90 $110 $140 $195 $245
3 Bathrooms $100 $120 $150 $205 $255
4+ Bathrooms $100 $120 $150 $205 $255

Why use TRNclean and their Cleaning Specialists?

In an industry that too often sees service workers exploited, TRNclean stands out as a high-road home cleaning company committed to responsible employment practices.

Cleaning companies that do not provide proper training, compensation, and support see significant turnover among their staff - and the quality of their service suffers. In contrast, TRNclean invests in the training and employment practices required to deliver and sustain reliable, high-quality home cleaning services. Our Cleaning Specialists are true professionals. Workers are guaranteed fair wages and have the opportunity to share in the agency’s profits as owners of the TRNclean cooperative. Our average length of service for our employees is 15 years.

When you use a TRNclean Cleaning Specialist, you are supporting quality employment in your community. Our clients help us send the message that success in the sharing and service economies does not have to mean exploitation of workers.

What is a Host Services Associate?

Cleaning Specialists are highly trained cleaning and host service representatives. Each Host Services Associate goes through an extensive 10 day training session focused specifically on the cleaning and service needs of Airbnb hosts. Cleaning Specialists are trained to prepare your home so that the guest has the best possible experience as they walk through the door. Additionally, they will look out for details, post-guest stay, such as broken or missing items and report occurrences immediately to our office-based support team.

Are Cleaning Specialists employees of TRNclean?

Yes. The Cleaning Specialists are actual employees of TRNclean.

Are Cleaning Specialists background checked?

Yes. The safety, security and possessions of your home are of the utmost concern and as such all Cleaning Specialists are screened for past criminal history through a Criminal History Background Check. Additionally, we complete a social security verification on all employees, conduct interviews and complete reference checks on prior employment.

Are Cleaning Specialists and their service covered by insurance?

Yes. TRNclean is bonded and carries insurance.

What are Cleaning Specialists cleaning qualifications?

All Cleaning Specialists go through 10 full days of residential cleaning training prior to servicing our clients. The comprehensive training at our facilities includes information about the use of cleaning agents and how to clean a home effectively. We spend time training Cleaning Specialists on how to prepare an Airbnb home for the guest. Cleaning Specialists must demonstrate competence through simulations and field assessments before they begin working.

How do I contact TRNclean?

You may reach our Customer Support team via phone during normal business hours at (800) 714-9310 or via email at

Our support lines are open Monday - Sunday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm CST.

How do I know if all of my pre-or-post cleaning requests will be followed?

We go through great measures to make sure all general cleaning items are done each and every time. Please be sure to let us know during the booking process if you have additional requests such as leaving a welcome note, a gift, or if laundry needs to be done and where additional linens are located, etc. Please note laundry may be done, if washing machine and dryer are located in the host’s apartment. The more details we have ahead of the actual cleaning, the better equipped we’ll be to make sure they are completed according to your wishes.

What cleaning products do Cleaning Specialists use in cleaning and readying my home for my guests?

Cleaning Specialists use cleaning supplies that are government approved, environmentally safe and satisfy the highest level standards in the cleaning industry.

Do I have to use the TRNclean service?

No, you are not required to use TRNclean’s services.  You may use other companies or individuals for your cleaning and host service needs.

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

No. You do not need to provide supplies for your cleaning unless you have products you would prefer the Cleaning Specialists to use (please note this when booking). All supplies are provided to the host by the Cleaning Specialists at no additional cost (this includes all cleaning products and vacuum).

Who do I contact if I have a question about this service?

You may contact TRNclean at (800) 714-9310 during normal business hours for any questions about the service. We are also available via email at

What are TRNclean’s hours of operation?

TRNclean’s business hours are between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST., Monday - Sunday. For any questions about the service, or if you have requests or changes to a service that has already been booked our client support teams are available by phone or email between these hours. In the event you need assistance during non-business hours we have staff available to respond to emergencies.

Additionally, we observe eight holidays and the office is closed on these holidays: Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, Memorial Day,Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. We will however be available to respond to emergencies on these days.  

How much advance notice do I need to provide to book a service through TRNclean?

Bookings for cleaning services must be made at least 48 hours in advance in order to ensure that all of the details of your needs are met.

How long will a cleaning specialist need to clean my home?

This depends on the size and overall condition of the home. However, it will generally take between 1-2 hours to clean a typical studio or 1 bedroom unit. Sometimes, however, overtime is needed due to heavier use or other factors related to the cleaning (e.g., prior guests didn’t check out on time and our cleaner couldn’t start on time).

How do I pay for service?

You may book and pay for the cleaning service directly on the website.  If you have a discount or promo code that will be reflected.

Who do I contact if I have an issue or concern with the quality of my recent service from TRNclean?

If you ever have a concern regarding a recent cleaning service, we want to hear from you. Please reach out to a TRNclean Representative at (800) 714-9310 or via email at

While we strive to provide amazing service each and every time we might miss something. However, we will always do our best to make the situation right.

What components comprise a basic general cleaning?

A general cleaning will include wiping down all surfaces in all rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. This includes but is not limited to, dusting all surfaces, wiping down window sills and vacuuming (and mopping, if requested), wiping inside and outside of the refrigerator, as well as throwing away any perishables, making beds and tidying to ready for your guest.

NOTE: We do not do oven cleaning, freezer cleaning, or the wiping/cleaning of surfaces that require step-stools or ladders (i.e., high windows, ceiling fan blades, crown molding, etc.), personal laundry items (shirts, pants, etc.) as part of our service or laundry off site of your apartment.

My house is a wreck, what if I need a deep cleaning?

Since we specialize in turn cleans for short-term stay hosts, the time allotted for cleaning is based on frequent visits and normal wear and tear. If your home does not have routine professional cleaning service, it may take more time to get the unit cleaned properly.  Please contact us so we can discuss options for you.  Unfortunately, we do not do move-out cleans. 

Are your services available on holidays?

No. We do not provide cleaning on holidays observed by our company. The office is closed on these holidays: Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, Memorial Day, Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. 

Do I need to tip?

While highly appreciated, we ask that you do not tip our team members. TRNclean prides itself on providing fair and living wages and benefits to all of its employees. Our employees should always be doing an amazing job for our clients and as such, tips should be politely declined if offered.

I need to cancel my cleaning? How do I do this? Is there a cancellation charge/fee?

We understand that schedules change and are happy to modify or cancel cleaning services. If you need to cancel your cleaning service, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We ask that any cancellation is done at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning time and date as our teams are scheduled the day prior. Should you need to cancel the same day as your cleaning service was scheduled, a cancellation fee of $30.00 will apply.

How do I communicate details about my cleaning to the cleaner?

You will provide all the details at the time of booking for your cleaning. Our team will pass along all of the details to the cleaner and make sure any specific requests have been successfully communicated and completed.

What if I need to edit some of my notes or update the cleaner with additional information?

Please call our Customer Support line at (800) 714-9310 or email us at with any changes or edits to your cleaning booking. Please be sure and do this at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning so we can be sure we are able to communicate it in time to our cleaning team members. We understand that sometimes things change last minute and will do our best to handle last-minute requests whenever possible, but this is not guaranteed.

What if I am not at my home to let the cleaner in?

If you are not going to be home at the time of cleaning, that is fine. Just let us know at the time of booking how we may gain access to your home. Leaving keys with a doorman, in a lock-box nearby or keeping a set of keys with TRNclean at our office are secure ways in which we may gain access. We would just need to know the details of the entry process at the time of booking.

Can you hold a set of keys on file for me?

Yes!  In fact, we would prefer to hold a set of keys on file for your cleaning needs. We store these securely in our offices. If your locks are ever changed or replaced please be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible so we can switch the set out to ensure uninterrupted service.

Are your cleaners able to pick-up keys from my doorman and return them upon completion of cleaning?

Yes. Many of our clients leave a set of keys with their doorman for our cleaners to use at the time of cleaning. Our cleaners will leave them as requested with the doorman upon completion of the cleaning. Please provide the name of our company (TRNclean) to the doorman in advance so we get the right set, and are able to gain access at the scheduled time.